Winter Garden Recycling

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Recycling Myths, Facts, and How-To’s on Recycling

MYTH : You must rinse out every drop of lotion, soap, or shampoo
FACT : Plastics will be cleaned at the recycling facility.

MYTH : Plastic pumps can be recycled
FACT : Plastic pumps are not yet recyclable. Throw the pumps in the trash.

MYTH : Aerosol cans are not recyclable
FACT : Aerosol cans CAN be recycled. Empty them completely and recycle

MYTH : You must clean out all containers of food and liquid at the bottom
FACT : It’s ok if there is a little residue left. Rinse or scrape out enough so there aren’t any clumps.

MYTH : You must remove container caps before recycling.
FACT : Recyclers want your lids and caps too.

MYTH : Aluminum foil can only be used once.
FACT :  While aluminum foil can’t be recycled, it is reusable. Clean it with just a little warm, soapy water and it can be used again.

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